Jimmy Butler is shooting 42.6% from the field and 24.3% on threes this season, yet he is recording a team-best +/- of +130 and averaging +9.3 per game, the 5th highest in the league for players with more than one game played


  There‘s much more than scoring and shooting to Butler’s game and stats don’t always tell the whole truth, especially with defensive players


  [–]CavaliersFancy_Highway 291 讚1 day ago

  Jimmy‘s got that Kyle Lowry / Al Horford impact where he’s so much more valuable than his stats suggest。


  [–]RaptorsJevvyMedia 141 讚1 day ago

  And in a league where you pretty much need a dominant wing to be a competitor, Jimmy having that all-around impact is just THAT much more valuable。


  [–]Sullan08 11 讚18 hours ago

  His stats are still pretty good, just on the steals and assist front more than scoring。


  [–]76erslil_intro_vert_ 559 讚1 day ago

  The main takeaway I took from jimmy after a near-season of watching him every night is that he almost always makes good decisions with the ball。


  Doesn’t really take jumpers unless he needs to, and is a terrific playmaker especially out of pick and rolls。


  [–]Spectr3- 86 讚1 day ago

  Ehh, I don‘t know about this。 He took a lot of contested mid-ranged jumpers。 What was really valuable were his cuts and off-ball defense。


  [–]76ersmeditate42 110 讚1 day ago

  He was great for us overall but i will admit i remember him turning down open threes for contested mid ranges from time to time。


  [–][TOR] Fred VanVleetsiakams 274 讚1 day ago

  IIRC advanced stats have painted Butler as one of the top players in the league for a while now。 Dude is really underrated


  [–]WeRightHere 259 讚1 day ago

  He‘s averaging 6.6 assists and only 2.4 turnovers and a league leading 2.6 steals。 He’s getting more steals than turnovers。 And he makes up for his bad shooting percentages by making tons of freethrows。


  He‘s one of the best players in the league and has been since the 2017 season。


  [–]NBAFuckYouGod 104 讚1 day ago*

  I‘m pretty sure the Heat force the most turnovers in the league too。 I’m guessing that‘s because of old Jimmy long head。


  [–]76ers_MatisseThybulle 300 讚1 day ago

  He’s a real gym rat。


  [–][OKC] Russell WestbrookShuggy_99 223 讚1 day ago*

  Nobody works harder than Jimmy。 Just ask him, he‘ll tell you


  [–]Warriors3entendre 46 讚1 day ago

  He wakes up at 3am everyday


  [–]clive442 56 讚1 day ago

  Imagine how good he‘d be if he woke up at 2am


  [–][GSW] Andre IgoudalazzMojaveExpress 25 讚1 day ago

  There‘s also what your teammates do, which is why Draymond in 2016 is not the GOAT season。


  [–][GSW] Andre IgoudalazzMojaveExpress 9 讚1 day ago

  The thing is that +/- is not advanced, and he shared the floor with Curry for 90% of his minutes。 So it‘s impossible to apply a specific amount of credit to him。


  [–]Lakerskurruchi 53 讚1 day ago

  Not a box score player but dudes in this sub hate on him because wolves fans have nothing better to do


  [–]Heatken_u_diggit 39 讚1 day ago

  sixers fans too, the top 3 comments on every jimmy butler post are the same unoriginal jokes


  [–]Warriorsrya11111 8 讚1 day ago

  Jimmy really suits heat culture imo。 That play style and ethics is perfect for him。

  Also with a suit, dude could starr in GTA miami vice city lol。